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Family, or as good as.
Best friend.
Romantic feelings for.
Curious about.
Wary about/doesn't trust.
Scared of/dislikes. She's got her eye on you and her armour-piercing slap at the ready.

maya fey.
• Pearl's cousin, Head of the Fey family and Master of Kurain village, and one of the most important people in Pearl's world. Pearl adores Maya, plain and simple, and will always look up to and admire her even while she slowly grows into her own person and stops wanting to be exactly like her. Maya is cheerful, loyal, and everything Pearl thinks a person should be. Pearl helps Maya as much as she can with her duties as Master of Kurain in between her own training, and now that Pearl's a little older, the gossip between the two is starting to reach dangerous levels. Nick ought to be afraid. >:3


phoenix wright.
• One of Pearl's two not-family lawyer-dads. Not that she thinks of either of them in those exact terms, but it's what they are. Pearl looks up to Phoenix in much the same way she looks up to Maya - she might not ship the two of them together anymore, but she holds them up as an example of how people and friends should be like. Phoenix is loyal, earnest, and even if his methods are a little unorthodox, he amazes Pearl with his ability to save a situation at the last moment and turn it about.
• Her stint as Phoenix's sometime-assisstant has given Pearl an interest in detective work and investigation - she mostly uses these skills to help Mileina with uncovering their latest matchmaking project, she's seriously considering putting those skills to better use in the future since she's not so sure about being a professional spirit medium anymore.


miles edgeworth.
• The second not-family laywer-dad! They've come a long way since Pearl's days of being intimidated and unsure of him, and he's now one of her favourite people. She sees him as a good and kind man who does the right thing, and if he's stern most of the time, then that's just Mr. Edgeworth's way. She knows that his sometimes ruthless methods in the courtroom are just part of finding the path to the truth, and if there's one thing knowing Edgeworth has given Pearl, it's the knowledge that the truth matters above almost all else.
• All of this admiration aside, Pearl won't hesitate to scold Edgeworth if she thinks he isn't taking care of himself or if he's pushing himself too hard. She knows how important his work is to him, and so she also knows he needs reminding to give himself a break every once in a while.


mileina vashti.
• Pearl's BFF! The two hit it off almost straight away and became firm friends due to their similar outlooks on almost everything - especially romance. The two are the resident Shippers On Deck in the community and keep their eyes peeled for any signs of budding romance between members. Oh, and they've started writing fanfiction too. God help the comm members, for no one else will save them now.
• Pearl and Mileina pretty much share everything - from Pearl teaching Mileina about investigative techniques and spirit channelling to Mileina sharing some of her mechanical and computer knowledge, and that's not even going into things like trading TV shows, gossip and fanfic. Biffles for life? Oh yes.


harry potter.
• One of Pearl's new friends on the community, someone her own age for once! Harry's from England (which is exciting) and she thinks he's just lovely. His living situation does worry her a bit since he's unhappy enough to want to run away, and she wants to help that in whatever way she can - whether that's offering him a place to stay in Kurain for a bit, or channelling the spirits of his parents so he can talk to them.


neville longbottom.
• Pearl's other new friend her own age! Neville is also English, also very nice, and very forgetful. Pearl's quite happy to help him where she can, though, and she's become quite protective of him since she picked up on the fact that he's very sensitive to people asking about if he has deep dark secrets - it was enough that she stood up to Gellert Grindelwald for him, not that she really got the significance of that. She's made up her mind not to ask Neville about the secrets he might have - after all, she's got some unpleasant things in her past too.


feliciano vargas [n.italy].
• Mr. Italy! One of Pearl's three Nation friends. Cheerful, all-round friendly and likeable, Italy is one of Pearl's favourite people and always a barrel of fun. She's seen hints of the darker side and sadness that's buried deep down underneath that thanks to the community, but she accepts that as a country, that's probably inevitable. Along with Romano, he got her interested in history and started her quest to teach herself Italian. Also? She ships him and Germany together forever, because they're just so goshdarn cute.


lovino vargas [italy romano] {dropped}.
• Pearl's other Italy~! Although he's left the community now, he's still one of her favourite people. Despite his caustic and sometimes violent shell, she quickly figured out that he was really quite dere inside - and it was easier for her to coax that side out than for a lot of other people. She was his mia bella Perla and acted as sometime confidant/counsellor for his relationship issues with Spain. And yes: she ships that, too.


antonio fernandez carriedo [spain].
• Pearl's third Nation friend! Pearl just all-around likes Spain, finding him warm, cheerful and friendly, and a perfect match for Romano. She's his relentless cheerer and advice-giver in his attempt to win the southern Italy brother's heart, and if she has time after learning Italian? Spanish will definitely be on the list of languages she wants to learn next.


karen minazuki.
• A good friend. Intelligent, kind, and helpful, Karen inspires a lot of admiration in Pearl, and she values Karen's friendship and advice.


• Commented on Pearl's video where she sang Silent Night in Italian and gave her praise and encouragement. They haven't talked beyond that, but that one brief conversation left a definite impression on Pearl.


tamaki suoh.
• One of Pearl's best friends and fellow Samurai enthusiast! Enthusiastic, dynamic, and cheerful, Tamaki is larger-than-life and his kindness and fun nature are infectious. Pearl really enjoys his company and friendship and feels lucky to know someone like him, even if she has to admit to herself that he can act a little silly and miss things in his excitement sometimes.


mikaela banes.
• Another one of Pearl's best community friends. Kind, street-smart, and a skilled mechanic, Mikaela's always been sweet to Pearl and while she's treated her like the kid she is, she's also treated her like the intelligent kid she is. Pearl was never happier to see that she'd returned to the community again after a long absence.


shuichi minamino.
• First met when they were lumped into the same wagon together during the Oregon Trail virus. After that, they didn't cross paths again until Shadow event, when it was actually Kurama's Shadow Pearl talked to. She found his Shadow remarkably kind and reasonable, and it got her thinking that really, being a Shadow was actually quite a sad thing. She was more than happy to strike up a friendship with Kurama properly after that, and the two get on quite well. Pearl's just received two flower cuttings from his garden, which she's planted in the Fey manor garden to look after.


kefka palazzo.
• The most unlikely ghost-busting alliance ever. During the timewarp virus, Kefka was warped back to before he was insane and evil, and the two banded together to try and defeat Samara's cursed videotape. In the course of those few days, they had quite a few amiable conversations about life, family, and everything else, causing Pearl to become fond of him. It'll break her heart when she finds out what happened to the Kefka she met during that virus.


samara morgan.
• A girl who might one day in the future suffer a horrible death and become the vengeful spirit who made the cursed videotape Pearl spent a weekend trying to fight. Pearl is wary of Samara because of this, but she's also curious about her - wanting to know more about who she really is, and if there's any way to avoid her fate.


gellert grindelwald.
• Another one Pearl is slightly wary of. They met when Pearl stepped in to defend Neville from Gellert's teasing, and then again when Pearl asked about curses to try and combat Samara's video. She thinks he's interesting, friendly, and a mine of amazing information, but she can't help being a little cautious due to both the way they first met and the way he acted while under the influence of the video's curse. She knows that's probably silly, but she can't help it.


maraich juschenfe.
• Someone Pearl has known almost since the day she arrived. They don't talk as much as they used to anymore, but Pearl still considers Maraich a friend.


nanako dojima.
• Nanako is someone Pearl has only just met, and she thinks that she's just adorable. She reminds Pearl a lot of how she herself used to be when she was younger, and so she'll take any opportunity she can to encourage Nanako to be everything she can be.

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